The World’s Best Built Chairs.  That’s a bold statement for anyone to make.  When you get calls from customers that still have the chairs in use after 40 years, you know that such a statement rings true.

With the most durable frames in the business, the highest quality foams and the most resilient fabrics, you can be sure that the investment you are making today will serve you well for decades to come.

Chairtex’s promise of quality means that we have to live by very high standards of manufacturing.  The only way to monitor these high standards is by being a fully vertically integrated manufacturer.  This means we build it all.  Not one component in any of our chairs is imported from overseas.  We source all our raw materials from our North American partners and we produce the entire product right here in our state of the art manufacturing facilities (see map).  It is from here that we ship around the globe - from North Pole to New Zealand .  Chairs that are truly Made With Pride.

Let us show you how we build ‘The World’s Best Built Chairs’(TM). 

The World’s Best Built Chairs - Built to order, Built to last & Built right here

Order Processing
Your order is processed for release to the manufacturing floor. Release is generally dependent upon your order being complete and correct as well as approval of your designated terms of payment.

Pre - Production

We are scheduling and/or waiting for the arrival of component parts - especially fabrics - so we can schedule your order for production.

Pre-Production time varies based on the fabric availability and plant loading at the time you place your order. An estimated "lead time" reflecting the anticipated time it will take to get parts on hand and build your order should have been communicated to you at the time of order confirmation.

Why settle for low quality imports when you can get The World’s Best Built Chairs, built right here and at the same price as the imports?