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How to Customize the Perfect Chairs for Your Church

Choosing the right church chairs is extremely difficult when trying to infuse your sanctuary with a welcoming comfort and warmth. Today, church pews are replaced by plush, upholstered chairs that can be fastened together and customized with accessory options. These chairs will allow you to easily suit the specific design, colors and comfort requirement of [...]


Where Can I Find Church Chairs for Sale Online?

The Internet is amazing when it comes to finding the right products that meet your specific needs. Church chairs make no exception. When it comes to buying church chairs for sale, you will want to find a supplier that can help you customize your church chairs to meet your sizing, comfort and design requirements. Since [...]


6 Reasons Chairtex Chairs are a Great Alternative to Church Pews

Many congregations are currently replacing their less flexible church pews with more comfortable church chairs designed to deliver the ultimate church seating experience. Chairtex is among the most trusted in church seating designers and producers, serving congregations across the globe with outstanding products of the highest quality. Here are 6 reasons why Chairtex church chairs [...]


9 Advantages of a Multi-Purpose Chair

A multi-purpose chair is usually made of plywood or plastic and is designed to serve a variety of needs. There are many reasons why multi-purpose chairs are considered advantageous in many types of venues. Here are 9 benefits of a multi-purpose chair:


Why You Should Choose Stackable Chairs For Your Space

Stackable chairs have many advantages with their light weight, small footprint, and stackable design. Today, stackable chairs are no longer made to exclusively meet the need for easy storage, but they are built to be durable, comfortable, and stylish. Ideal for a variety of occasions and locations, stacking chairs are gaining increased popularity. Here are [...]


6 Things to Consider When Purchasing New Church Chairs

Church chairs are an essential part of any church. Members of the church should be able to enjoy comfortable seat at a sermon, and therefore there are several things one must consider before buying new church chairs. So before you head out and place an order, check your new church chairs for these 6 criteria: