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6 Reasons Chairtex Chairs are a Great Alternative to Church Pews

Many congregations are currently replacing their less flexible church pews with more comfortable church chairs designed to deliver the ultimate church seating experience. Chairtex is among the most trusted in church seating designers and producers, serving congregations across the globe with outstanding products of the highest quality. Here are 6 reasons why Chairtex church chairs [...]


Our Top 10 Fabrics and Finishes for Church Seating

Chairtex is a well trusted brand in the church seating industry. Delivering a comprehensive range of seating solutions for churches, our company makes sure to meet the highest standards of quality in all respects. For fabrics, we only use the highest grade designer fabrics supplied by leading fabric mills. Furthermore, most fabrics are produced through [...]


What Kind of Fabric Can I Choose for My Church Chairs?

When looking for chairs for your church, your emphasis should be on chairs that are designed with three things in mind: comfort, durability and beauty. Church chairs need to be extra comfortable so that the congregants will not be distracted by uncomfortable seats. They need to be durable because your church surely cannot replace broken [...]


All About Chairtex’s Durable Chair Systems

Chairtex chairs are among the world’s best built chairs. Each chair goes through a rigorous process that starts in pre-production, and sees multiple points of inspection to make sure the church chair you buy is the best it can possibly be. As an industry leader for more than 45 years, Chairtex knows what makes a [...]


All About Eco Friendly Seating Options from Chairtex

Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating more organically grown food and burning less carbon, it also means making changes to your living environment. The changes that you can make do not necessarily have to start with costly additions like solar power systems and electrical cars. You can make the start in your daily [...]