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Where Can I Find Church Chairs for Sale Online?

The Internet is amazing when it comes to finding the right products that meet your specific needs. Church chairs make no exception. When it comes to buying church chairs for sale, you will want to find a supplier that can help you customize your church chairs to meet your sizing, comfort and design requirements. Since [...]


6 Reasons Chairtex Chairs are a Great Alternative to Church Pews

Many congregations are currently replacing their less flexible church pews with more comfortable church chairs designed to deliver the ultimate church seating experience. Chairtex is among the most trusted in church seating designers and producers, serving congregations across the globe with outstanding products of the highest quality. Here are 6 reasons why Chairtex church chairs [...]


Chairtex’s Church Pew Chair Solutions

Chairtex’s collection of church chairs has reached congregations around the world with excellent church pew chair solutions gaining an excellent reputation for beauty, durability, and comfort. Understanding the need for quality and comfort, Chairtex introduces a complete line of church pew chair solutions with the purpose to increase usability and flexibility in the worship space [...]


5 Ideas to Raise Funds for Your New Church Chairs

Buying chairs can be a huge expense for any church. While we at Chairtex keep our church chairs competitively priced, we realize that placing an order for an entire congregation of new chairs can become quite pricey. A fundraiser is a great way to earn the money necessary for brand new church chairs. Here are [...]


All About Eco Friendly Seating Options from Chairtex

Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating more organically grown food and burning less carbon, it also means making changes to your living environment. The changes that you can make do not necessarily have to start with costly additions like solar power systems and electrical cars. You can make the start in your daily [...]