Our Top 10 Fabrics and Finishes for Church Seating

Posted by on June 17, 2013 in Church Chairs

fabric-finishes-church-chairsChairtex is a well trusted brand in the church seating industry. Delivering a comprehensive range of seating solutions for churches, our company makes sure to meet the highest standards of quality in all respects. For fabrics, we only use the highest grade designer fabrics supplied by leading fabric mills. Furthermore, most fabrics are produced through an eco-friendly process with electricity that comes from wind farms as an affirmation of our commitment to a positive environmental impact.

Here is a list of our top ten fabrics and finishes for church seating:

  1. Duramax is a designer fabric made of 100% polyolefin with class 1 flame resistance and class 5 colorfastness to light (up to 400 hours). The cleaning is relatively simple as you can use water based agents for water based stains and solvent cleaners for oil based stains. Duramax comes with a life time warranty, 250, 000 rubs and a variety of 48 colors.
  2. Hewitt is a fine fabric containing 86% polyolefin, 4% polyester, and 10% acrylic. It can stand out in the sun for 60 hours without deteriorating so it is suitable for interiors. It has a Water Base color code which means that it can be cleaned using water based solutions for water based stains and solvent cleaning agents for oil based stains. It comes in 8 different colors and has a 15 year warranty with 30, 000 double rubs.
  3. Ashley is a lovely designer fabric ideal for church seating comprised of a mix of polyester, polyolefin and cotton. It can be cleaned just like the Hewitt and Duramax fabrics and has the same colorfastness to light as Hewitt. The pattern for the Ashley fabric resembles leaves and comes in 7 different colors. Ashley is guaranteed to last 15 years for 30, 000 double rubs.
  4. The Praise fabric is available in a beautiful pattern suitable for church seating. It is guaranteed to withstand successfully over 60, 000 double rubs with a 15 year warranty. It is made 100% of polyester, making it extremely durable. Easy to clean as it is WB class, the Praise designer fabric makes a great choice for church seating.
  5. Faith, as the name properly suggests is perfect for church seating. The pattern includes embedded crosses and the colors are appropriate for church use. Made of 100% polyester, the Faith fabric comes in 9 distinct colors. It features a 15 year warranty and can withstand 100,000 double rubs.
  6. Dovetail boasts a beautiful dovetail pattern and is made of 100% Marquesa Cottonesque. The 9 colors for this collection are suitable for church or banquet seating and the warranty extends to 15 years and 50,000 different double rubs. It can be easily cleaned with solvent based agents for oil stains and water based agents for water based stains.
  7. Parlour is another great choice for banquet or church seating fabric. It is easy to clean, just like all Chairtex designer fabrics and is made of 100% polyester. Parlour has a beautiful pattern and a variety of 13 different colors including purple, honey gold, Wilshire blue, spring meadow, blue nova, and more. It is guaranteed to last for 15 years and 50,000 double rubs.
  8. Mission is a unique patterned church seating fabric. It is easy to clean and maintain and is made of 100% polyester. It is covered by a 15 year warranty and guaranteed for 100,000 double rubs. It comes in 11 different colors.
  9. Our Standard Powder Finishes are durable and beautiful. They look great on upholstered church seating and complement the designer fabrics. They include Silvervein, Coppervein, Blacktex, and other finishes.
  10. Plated finishes are also very beautiful and encompass 6 different shades, such as Chrome, Brite Brass, Antique Copper, Satin Chrome, and more.

Whichever fabric or finish you choose for your church seating, you can rest assured that it will last for years to come, At Chairtex, we understand how important it is that your church chairs are as beautiful, durable, and as affordable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create the right chairs for your space.

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