9 Advantages of a Multi-Purpose Chair

Posted by on June 14, 2013 in Multi-Purpose Chairs

multi-purpose-chairA multi-purpose chair is usually made of plywood or plastic and is designed to serve a variety of needs. There are many reasons why multi-purpose chairs are considered advantageous in many types of venues. Here are 9 benefits of a multi-purpose chair:

  1. Versatility of design - A multi-purpose chair may be created with a taller back and a larger seat, or it can have a specially contoured back. There are many different designs available offering a wealth of shapes and sizes, which ultimately reflects an outstanding flexibility in styles of the multi-purpose chairs.
  2. Adaptability to a Variety of Venues – The multi-purpose chair can be used effectively in a variety of venues, ranging from modern cafeterias, lunchrooms, and classrooms to assembly halls and auditoriums.
  3. Good posture – Despite the fact that a multi-purpose chair does not come padded with foam, these chairs are highly comfortable and deliver a great seating experience. The radiused back and multi-contoured seat shape as well as the materials used encourage a healthy posture that  contributes to an increased level of comfort.
  4. High strength – The multi-purpose chairs are made to last and withstand heavy traffic and continuous moving around. They are highly resistant to repeated stacking, storage, as well as moving from one facility to another. The high density polypropylene, injection molded seats and backs, as well as the heavy duty carbon tubing ensure durability and strength.
  5. Convenient storage – No other chairs can be stored as easily as the multi-purpose chairs. They are stackable chairs that take up very little space and can easily be put away in storage when you don’t need them.
  6. Variety of colors – The plastic and plywood that the multi-purpose chair is made of are two highly versatile materials when it comes to color. They deliver a plethora of colors, including ruby red, royal blue, and forest green or bright yellow.
  7. Easy to clean – Unlike upholstered seating, the multi-purpose chairs were created to be easy to maintain and clean without any special cleansers or techniques. The tubing, as well as the seats and backs are easily cleaned.
  8. Eco-friendly – All the materials used in this multi-purpose chair are 99% recyclable, which dramatically reduces your footprint on the environment. The seats and backs are constructed of 100% renewable resources from managed forests in the case of plywood, which again helps eliminate harmful greenhouse gasses.
  9. Durable frame finishes - This is a really great advantage that the multi-purpose chair offers. Given the conditions that this chair needs to withstand, the frame finishes need to be highly resistant. That is why the carbon tubing is protected by an eco-friendly epoxy powder coating that is made ultra-durable through thermal fusion.

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