How to Choose Long-Lasting Church Chairs

Posted by on October 30, 2013 in Church Chairs

church-chair-durableIf you’re looking for high quality Church chairs that will withstand the tests of time and weekly use, there are some essential components that you’ll need to consider. While comfort is an important factor, durability is certainly another, since you don’t want to have to replace your chairs for quite some time.

Here are some important details to consider when purchasing new church chairs:

Frame Construction

Cold rolled high tensile carbon steel is the best option for long lasting frame construction. It’s also important to note that the the way the tubing is bent has a considerable impact the durability of your chairs. Mandrel bending is the technology that best maintains the tube’s structural integrity and therefore its resistance. Finally, the coating of the church chairs that needs to withstand the test of time, as well as intense wear and tear. Additionally, the seat and the back need to be as sturdy as the frame. Multi-ply wood with a cross-linked design of the wood veneers ensures not only the ultimate durability, but also the utmost comfort.


If you are looking for a long lasting seating solution, opt for finishes made with an ultra-durable epoxy powder fused to the frame at high temperatures. You should also look for a smart fastening system that increases the steel on the contact area to prevent screws from loosening from your seats and backs. When you choose a high quality product you won’t have to worry that they will collapse due to frequent use, moving or stacking.

Cushioning and Upholstery

Long lasting church chairs have comfortable and durable cushions that resist fraying and remain intact and comfortable year after year. The best cushioning systems available are dual foam systems that are made of two foam layers: the first which goes directly on the seat is ultra-durable foam, while the second that goes on top of the ultra-durable foam is a high density foam.

In addition to the cushioning, be sure to pay attention to the quality and type of the fabric. After all, the fabric will be in direct contact with your congregation and needs to be comfortable as well as durable. Our top quality fabrics are highly resistant materials that can last up to 250,000 double rubs.

Always keep in mind that good quality church chairs should always come with a lifetime warranty. In fact, Chairtex offers a 25 years warranty for back and seat, which is the most comprehensive warranty available in the field. This ensures a hassle free service and also goes to prove that when you shop at Chairtex you are getting the best available in church chairs.

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