Choose Beautiful Upholstered Chairs for Your Banquet Seating

Posted by on October 31, 2013 in Multi-Purpose Chairs

When you add beautifully upholstered chairs to your banquet hall, you’re letting clients know that you care about the comfort and happiness of their guests and the success of their event.  In addition to being attractive and comfortable, the very best chairs will be durable enough to survive years of rough use and abuse, while displaying the same gorgeous appearance every time.

Here are some attributes you should look for when shopping for new upholstered banquet chairs:


When shopping around for new upholstered chairs the first thing that most people notice is the fabric. Look for high grade commercial fabrics that come in a variety of colors and patterns so that you can choose the most suitable solution for your specific needs. Of course it pays to look beyond the aesthetics and take care to notice the fabric’s durability and construction. Quality upholstered chairs use state of the art fabrics that are guaranteed to withstand hundreds of thousands of rubs and many hours in the sun. Also, ensure that the chair fabric will be easy to clean with water based cleaning agents or solvent cleaners, in case of more stubborn stains.

Frame Finishes

To complement the vast collection of designer upholstery materials, our frame finishes for upholstered chairs vary in style and technology. You can select from standard, plated, or wood finishes, each with a diversity of colors and shades. There are manufacturers who have the ability to create custom colors to perfectly fulfill your vision. The quality and look of our frame finishes enhances the beauty and elegance of your upholstered chairs, making them even more attractive and stylish.


Upholstered chairs should be chosen depending on the particularities of your actual banquet setting and also on the purpose they need to serve for each occasion. There are classic designs for upholstered chairs which have sleek frame lines and traditional upholstery patterns. Modern settings used more as conference rooms may be decorated with stackable upholstered chairs that are not only comfortable, but also space-saving and cost-effective. The world of upholstered chairs is one of great choices where you can customize your own combination of shapes, frame finishes, and upholstery materials.


Ensure that you receive new chairs of the utmost quality by choosing a supplier that offers an exceptional warranty. Chairtex offers the most comprehensive warranty available, providing 15 years of coverage for back and seat and lifetime coverage for the frame

No matter what your particular needs or tastes may dictate, when shopping for upholstered chairs for your banquet facility or other venue, make sure that you pick quality over cost. Long lasting chairs may cost a bit more than certain bargain brands, but the durability and long lifespan will make up for the initial cost in the long run.

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