6 Reasons Chairtex Chairs are a Great Alternative to Church Pews

Posted by on August 13, 2013 in Church Chairs

church-seatingMany congregations are currently replacing their less flexible church pews with more comfortable church chairs designed to deliver the ultimate church seating experience. Chairtex is among the most trusted in church seating designers and producers, serving congregations across the globe with outstanding products of the highest quality. Here are 6 reasons why Chairtex church chairs make a great alternative to the traditional church pews:

  1. Great Variety – With Chairtex chairs. your congregation has the opportunity to select the most suitable colors and patterns for your setting from a wealth of designer fabrics. This is a luxury that church pews do not offer. Our extraordinary range of colors and fabrics is just one of the many reasons customers choose us. Chairtex church chairs are available in hundreds of fabrics that accommodate every taste, be it contemporary or classic.
  2. Versatility - Unlike church pews, church chairs are extraordinarily flexible in arrangement and allow you to accommodate more or less people depending on the event. Plus, if you are still looking for a style similar to that offered by church pews, you can add theatre inserts and the pew ends that add that unique aisle appearance to your chairs. The fact that the Chairtex chairs are stackable is another plus as it offers churches the possibility to free up space according to their specific needs. You can also choose various sizes for your church chairs, including 20 inches, 21, 22, and 23 inches wide. The height is also variable and may be selected to suit particular needs.
  3. Accessories - Incredibly enough, Chairtex chairs can be designed to incorporate a rear or front book rack, a cup holder, a card pocket, or a book pocket. These simple accessories are an extraordinary advantage when compared to conventional church pews.
  4. DurabilityChairtex chairs are famous for their sturdy construction that makes them resistant to wear and tear for many years. Every component, including the frame, plywood seat and back, ultra durable foam and high density foam, designer fabrics, as well as the locking system and glides are made to withstand time and use successfully. Our innovative T-Lock system eliminates the possibility of screws loosening from your seats and backs. Fabrics alone are guaranteed to last up to 250,000 double rubs.
  5. Affordability – Chairtex chairs offer the exceptional affordability of individual chairs with the comfort and value of fixed seating, such as church pews. When you use the gauging interlocks and other accessories to keep the chairs tightly together in a straight line pew, you get the look of fixed church seating without having to spend a fortune.
  6. Comfort – Everything about Chairtex chairs is designed for both comfort and value. We take pride in the comfort of the seat and back cushioning, the extraordinary rolled waterfall front seat that protects and pampers the legs, and the back support system that delivers optimum upper back support, lumbar support, and lower back cushioning.

Ready to trade your church pews in for comfortable and attractive church chairs? Contact Chairtex today for a custom quote and to learn more about why we’ve been a leader in church seating for over 45 years.

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